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movie trailer marriage proposal

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By now you may have seen the movie trailer marriage proposal a Georgia man named Matt filmed for his girlfriend Ginny. Watch it below. He had someone take her to see Fast Five (that’s why she leans over and says “This better be good” — ha!), and after a preview for the Hangover sequel (romantic!), Ginny slowly realizes she’s watching footage of Matt asking her father for permission to marry her. We can see Ginny’s reaction as the trailer continues with Matt’s journey to the movie theater — stopping for popcorn at the concession stand was a nice touch. It’s a creative proposal that’s more than a stunt — as he kneels in-person, Matt reminds her that since their second date, he’s told her they’d make the movies jealous. I got a little misty myself until the trailer ended with a note saying, “There is more to come from this couple” and plugging their YouTube channel. They also have a website chronicling their news coverage and a joint Twitter account

The video, embedded below, now has more than 6 million views. After that “Forever” wedding dance entrance went viral in 2009 (it now has more than 66 million views on YouTube) and was immortalized on The Office, we know that people are suckers for displays of love that are fun, unexpected, and personal. But something about this couple’s preparedness for the media frenzy that’s followed takes the shine off of it for me. It feels like something they always intended for us to see, not something amazing we’re lucky to have discovered.