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'House' without Cuddy: Will you watch?

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Jordin Althaus/Fox

Whether you liked her or not, Dr. Cuddy was as vital to House as organs are to people: She provided one half of the will-they-won’t-they drama. She was the corporate, civilized ying to Dr. House’s unbridled, disgruntled yang. She wore really tight, low-cut shirts. Though we often cursed her for reigning in our unmanageable hero, we still couldn’t imagine a House without her. And now, with the news that Lisa Edelstein is exiting the show prior to its eighth season, it’s hard to imagine I’ll sit down for another whole season without her.

Come on: Despite all the mysteries, gross-out moments, and there’s-the-guy-from-HaroldandKumar-oh-no-wait-he’s-gone-what?! revelations, House was leading to one thing: That’s right, Huddy. We wanted so badly for our grumpy doc to find happiness with his foil, finally ending all the emotional pain he’s suffered, even if he’ll never fully be rid of the physical pain. But with Edelstein’s Cuddy gone, that seems impossible. Unless the network casts a cardboard cut-out in her place? (That could have worked for Amber, but Cuddy? No.) I’m stuck, PopWatchers. What should we do? Will you still watch a House without Cuddy? Or are you too hurt to tune in?

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