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Emmys 2017
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Grading Lady Gaga's new 'Judas' video

We break down the clip featuring the latest single from ‘Born This Way’

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Holy Gaga! Leave it to the Lady to make a video that incited controversy before a single frame of it was even released. Now that the clip, codirected by Gaga herself, is out, we break it down for you.

We thought we’d seen every variation on Jesus and Mary Magdalene — until Gaga showed up with a thorn-crowned Latino Jesus (Old School actor Rick Gonzalez) on a hog. B

Gaga sets her Max Factor gun to stun with a lipstick pistol, planting a wet one on the song’s namesake Judas (The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus). A-

The music halts as Gaga gets baptized, both by crashing waves (as seen here) and more Real World-meets-the-Bible style, during a hot-tub ménage è trois with Judas and Jesus. B-

On to the grand finale: a public flogging. But we still can’t figure out who exactly she’s supposed to be here — prostitute geisha or prostitute Marie Antoinette? And: Why exactly? C

Overall Grade: B-