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How I Met Your Mother Zoey Ted

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Ron P. Jaffee/FOX

Ted and Zoey never stood a chance. And if you need a spoiler alert in front of that news, there’s no hope for you either. Kidding!

But let’s get serious here, people. Many of you have expressed frustration with the Zoey/Ted relationship, which officially ended in last night’s episode after he helped Barney get the Arcadian approved for demolition, saying (among other things) that she was out of the picture before she was in it. We knew she wasn’t the Mother, so what was the point in us putting up with this lackluster romance for as long as we did? And I wholly agree with this assessment. That’s why I’m making my official plea right now: I hope Ted stays single next season — unless the writers decide it’s time for us to meet the Mother.

I’m all for taking rides with characters. In fact, as discussed last week, I love the journey we’re taking with all of the HIMYM characters, but I think Ted really needs to be alone right now. As I say this, I admit it sounds a little weird. After all, the show is, essentially, about Ted’s love life, right? Well, true as that might be, I think Ted — and viewers — need a break from the girlfriend tango. If Ted were to take a break from the dating scene and focus on… something else Ted does, it might give the character a much-needed breath of fresh air. It makes me sad when Ted is made out to be a crummy guy, and last night’s episode, which found him standing by his friends even when his relationship was on the line, reminded me that Ted is, at his core, a great person. Although, that tends to only happen when he’s painfully single or on the road to being single.

So I’d be okay with him taking a break from dating — a long one. Ted should learn about who Ted is (yes, despite how this sounds, I know this is just a television show…  I think), and, like always, we tend to find things when we stop searching for them. I really think it would leave him in a realistic place for him to find the girl he’s been searching for — and the girl we’ve been waiting for.

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