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Everything Must Go

After a man (Will Ferrell) gets kicked out by his wife, he starts to unload all the detritus of his life

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WALK OF SHAME Will Ferrell in Everything Must Go
John Estes

STARRING Will Ferrell, Rebecca Hall

Loosely based on a Raymond Carver short story, the bittersweet comedy Everything Must Go follows a man (Will Ferrell) who comes home one day to find that his wife (who remains unseen in the film) has locked him out of the house and put all his possessions on the front lawn. He decides to transform his predicament into a yard sale and starts to unload all the detritus of his life. ”I can kind of relate,” says Ferrell. ”I’ve got all this stuff from movies that I don’t know what to do with, just boxed in the attic. It sometimes feels like an episode of Hoarders.” —Keith Staskiewicz