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Yeah, the iPad is amazing, and Skype is kinda like 'Star Trek.' But it's 2011. Where are the jet packs?

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There are many things about the times we live in that are truly we-really-do-live-in-the-21st-century amazing. The fact that the Osama bin Laden raid was unwittingly live-Tweeted by a guy living in Abbottabad, Pakistan I still find astounding. The 13-year-old version of me loves to pretend I’m Capt. Picard any time I pick up an iPad. And while we haven’t yet quite perfected video chatting — with the camera just above the screen, I still always feel like people are talking to my chest and not my eyes — I still get a little thrill of satisfaction every time I get to talk to someone’s face.

That said: Where are the flipping jet packs already? Mitt RomneyWhen I was a kid in grade school, and I would look forward to the seemingly impossible year of 2011, I expected to be traversing to and from work on my own private jet pack. Or flying car — I wasn’t picky. Basically, thanks to episodes of The Jetsons and Back to the Future Part II, I just expected most of my travels to be airborne in some capacity by now.

Also, where are the robot maids (that aren’t Roombas)? What ever happened to wall-sized televisions you can put up like wallpaper? And why can’t I take a vacation on the moon?

Okay, it’s your turn: What technology did you think would be around by now, but isn’t?