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'Glee' does Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours'

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GLEE Rumors
Beth Dubber/Fox

The League of Doom strikes again! In a tactic she hasn’t tried in a while, Sue uses the power of the press — or straight up libel — to drive glee club into the ground, hoping that a few strategically placed lies will make in-fighting amongst the New Directions “Songbird”s bad enough to make them “Go [Their] Own Way.” As it happens, Sue’s muckraking offensive coincides with the glee club’s plans to sing songs from Fleetwood Mac’s landmark album Rumours, thus the preceding puns. The rumors are apparently swirling around Sam’s family (finally, some deets on Trouty Mouth!), Santana’s Lebanese-ness, and Mr. Shue’s supposed departure from the glee club as our favorite drop of blond sunshine, April Rhodes (Kristen Chenoweth), returns to snatch him away. Allegedly! 

Are you excited for Kristen Chenoweth’s return, or have you had your fill of blond guest stars for now? Can any of the Glee girls pull off Stevie Nicks’ gritty vocals? And would you watch a whole hour of “Fondue for Two“? I’d even watch a whole hour of Lord Tubbington eating Fancy Feast.

Before, during, and after the episode, sound off about the return of Glee here, and check back early in the morning for our recap!

(By the way, when you heard this week’s Glee was titled “Rumours,” how many of you pictured the McKinley kids covering Lindsay Lohan’s 2004 hit “Rumors“? Was it just me? Probably. It might have been fun to see someone dancing in a golden birdcage, though.)