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'The Batman Complex': Not as crazy as Christopher Nolan's other work?

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Scandal Scott FoleyIt was Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne himself who said in 2005’s Batman Begins, “Well, a guy who dresses up like a bat clearly has issues.” Christopher Nolan’s two superhero films seem satisfied with a superficial glimpse of the mental stability of its hero, but a clever new faux trailer for The Batman Complex ventures deep into the brain of the man who thinks he’s the Caped Crusader, with the help of Nolan’s other blockbuster, Inception, Bale’s previous work on films like The Machinist, and several other mind-altering movies.

Is it wrong to think that this pretend plot is less confusing than the actual one in Inception? This time around, when Leonardo DiCaprio’s dream-thief says, “I’ve done it before,” he’s referring to the seed he planted in Michael Keaton’s brain back in 1989. And when he warns, “His subconscious is militarized,” he’s dealing with extremely deadly characters: Joker, Two-Face, and an oil-spewing Batman. Take a look below at the first (fake) collaboration between Christian and Leo.

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