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Tina Fey talks comedy, Sarah Palin, and 'Full House' at Google

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STAR TREK ALL YOUR YESTERDAYSTina Fey joined Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt for an hour-long chat recently to promote her book Bossypants, that you can now watch online (shocking!). See it below. It starts getting good around 8:40, when Fey discusses the main difference between male and female comedy writers. In addition to some men’s penchant for peeing in cups (so that’s real?), she says, “Also, the men sometimes pretend to rape each other. The women never do that… I deal in generalizations.” She also talks about Sarah Palin impression and how she believes there’s a double standard when it’s a female impersonating a female — the media never referred to it as “mean” when Will Ferrell did George W. Bush or Darrell Hammond did Bill Clinton. At around 40:10, she explains that the 30 Rock writing staff is full of people who grew up on half hour comedies, some good and some bad. She says she’s seen a lot of Full House, “but never on purpose.” It was the only thing on during a 45-minute break at a summer theater job. The same thing happened to my sister in law school. She’d give herself an hour break for dinner and got stuck watching Saved By the Bell. Check out the interview below:

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