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'Parenthood' review: Haddie and sex, Amber and drugs, Crosby and his sad house

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Last night’s Parenthood had some of the best parent-child interactions I’ve seen on TV in a while. Certainly the entire Haddie-has-sex, Adam-and-Kristina-react plot line was one that must have reverberated throughout many households.

The show played this out with exquisite tension. The initial scene was (intentionally) almost comic: Adam and Kristina overhearing Hattie and Alex having sex via an accidentally-placed phone call (these smart-phones — they’re too smart!). Then the initial lies — Haddie denying she’d done the deed; Kristina lying about the age at which she’d first done her deed — rang true as authentic reactions on the part of two panicked people.

And once Haddie decided that, okay, I’ll take you at your word, parents, and tell you the truth — well, this was most wrenching of all. I know I praise Peter Krause a lot here, but I thought the way he shut down communication with Haddie was perfect, so subtle. (It may also be that I was identifying like mad with Adam — I’m ashamed to admit that that’s probably what I would have done in this situation.) But great acting all around, and great final scene, when Adam picks up Haddie at her soccer practice.

As for Amber, well, I’d make a few jokes about what a magnificent screw-up she is, but that final car-crash scene kind of overrides the levity her rebelliousness can provoke. Up until then, however, I thought Mae Whitman did another impeccable job of taking Amber through the dissolution of her hopes and dreams. And her drugging and drinking set off all the fire-alarm-bells Lauren Graham’s Sarah hears when she’s confronted with the kind of substance-abusing that led to the demise of her marriage.

And: Crosby and that damn house. Didn’t I tell you last week the labor would be done mostly by Joel? Did your heart go out to Crosby when you heard Jasmine say, “I don’t think I’ll ever not be angry with him”?

Parenthood is barreling toward its season finale. Do you think Amber’s hospitalization will enable her to sober up in every sense? Do you think the positive pregnancy test discovered in the coming attractions is a fake-out, that it’s not Amber’s, but Julia’s?

What, in general, did you think of this week’s Parenthood?

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