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Lunchtime Poll: Which 'Sweet Valley High' secondary character did you most want to befriend?

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Sylvester StalloneWe’re still on a contact high after Sweet Valley High creator Francine Pascal visited the EW office yesterday, so here’s a very important Lunchtime Poll (hey, West Coast!) about which secondary character — i.e. anyone not named Wakefield — you most wanted to befriend.

I’m partial to Annie Whitman (as we share the nickname “Easy Annie”), but Kirsten Baldwin won’t shut up about cheerleading co-captain Robin Wilson. SPOILER ALERT: She dies! Battle RoyalAt least neither of us cared about rich, handsome snob Bruce Patman (pictured), because we happen to have a little something called taste. And dignity. Even though I just told everyone I was easy. 

Hopefully we can work out our differences in time for the Droids concert we’re attending in our imaginations after work. Kristen’s got a fresh bi-level haircut going. It’s gonna be huge. Vote below.

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