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Vintage vid: How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made. Magical, and charmingly dated!

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Kevin HartTake a moment to travel with us to yesteryear. Step away from your FrontierVille ranch and wrap up that lunchtime Chatroulette session, because this vintage informational video is chock-full of good ol’-fashioned Disney magic and Brylcreemed coifs that deserve your attention. On the heels of their 1937 success with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first full-length animated film in history, Disney takes us behind the scenes of its animation process, with a word from Walt himself.

Since a new interpretation of the classic fairy tale is just around the corner, it’s worth noting how Disney’s now iconic version was made. We’d be remiss to ignore the company’s inking department in the 1930s, which staffed “hundreds of pretty girls, in a comfortable building all their own, well-lighted and air-conditioned throughout.” And when the film was released in Hollywood, the fabled hamlet of “Dwarf Land” appeared outside the theater, “a miniature village with real dwarfs.” (Anybody else think Mickey, Minnie, and Donald looked mildly terrifying on the red carpet in this video?)

Finally, entertainment magnifico Walt Disney greets us from behind his desk, bright-eyed, mustachioed, and ascot-sporting. He runs down the roster of the famous Dwarfs. “This funny face is Sneezy. He has hay fever,” Mr. Disney acquaints. And Grumpy? A “sourpuss,” “the woman-hater.” Ah, the ’30s! Watch the video below!