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'The Good Wife' recap: A death, and something worse: Cheating on Alicia Florrick

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The Good Wife

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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Poor Kevin Conway — brought back to this week’s The Good Wife only to fall into the sleep of death. Jonas Stern, you will not be missed in the sharks-with-no-corporate-memory precincts of Lockhart/Gardner, but I’ll mourn you in a blog post that has a half-life of about two days. Or as the philosophical Will so solemnly put it, “All that’s left is our Wikipedia entry.” Well, so much for sitting shiva. On to guest star Michael J. Fox!

Fox, as wily Louis Canning, returned to defend a company whose abusive employee practices resulted, it was alleged, in the suicide of an employee, caught on security camera footage hanging himself. The combination of Fox plus one of my favorite Wife judges, Denis O’Hare’s bliss-seeking Judge Abernathy (“Everybody take a deep breath”), made the courtroom scenes amusing and fast-paced, but let’s face it, we were there for…

“Peter Florrick has bimbo issues.” With this journalistic cliche, the journalist (played by the loose, believable Lily Rabe) uttering it to Eli Gold set off a chain reaction which resulted in Cary learning of Kalinda’s “one-nighter” with Peter, and, finally, Eli going to Alicia to tell her to brace herself, there’s “a rumor… completely bogus,” that was “another woman in Peter’s past.” Alicia’s face tells us she knows this ain’t bogus.

Scenario that will never happen but I kinda wish would: Eli hires a hit-man to take out Matan Brody and steal those missing two pages of the Blake testimony. But then I guess he’d have to take out Blake, too…

In a coda that fans of Will/Alicia doubtless dreaded, we had the wonderfully awful spectacle of Will begging Tammy not to take that London job offer she’s been offered. For a brief moment, we had pictured Tammy in an overseas pub, trying her usual cutesie-wootsie face on barristers downing pints as they wondered what the devil was wrong with this American girl, before she dragged herself back, alone, to a cramped little flat…

Good Wife extras:

• Glenn Childs speaking to Cary and investigator Andrew Wiley through a kiddie teddy-bear lion speaker phone.

• Judge Abernathy suddenly unable to locate his gavel — didn’t this feel improvised by Denis O’Hare?

What did you think of this week’s The Good Wife?

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