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'The Dark Knight Rises' shooting in Pittsburgh. Will the new Batcave be under a steel mill?

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Batman Begins
Peter Tangen

In the Batman comic books, Gotham City is a revolving portrait of all-American metropolitan rot, a conglomeration of the worst aspects of New York, Chicago, Detroit, and any other city with buildings tall enough to look threatening. Christopher Nolan ran with that idea when he put Gotham City onscreen; in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Gotham was mostly played by Chicago, but it was portrayed as a Manhattan-esque island, complete with a slum area called the Narrows based on the now-demolished walled city of Kowloon in Hong Kong. Now, Nolan’s Gotham is getting a slight makeover. According to Variety, The Dark Knight Rises will be filming this summer in Pittsburgh, Pa. Nolan tells Variety, “Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. We have been able to find everything we were looking for here.” You have to wonder if this indicates that Rises will focus on the slightly grittier side of Gotham (at least in comparison to the pristine Chicago skyscrapers of Dark Knight.) First thing’s first: Batman is totally going to do some kind of base-jump off the PPG building, right? And can we expect Bruce Wayne to host a party at the Allegheny County Courthouse?