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Lady Gaga to kick off 'Born This Way' tour with live concert for 'Good Morning America'

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Lady Gaga Mugler Paris
Francois Guillot/Getty Images

Good morning, America: Lady Gaga announced today that she will kick off her summer tour with a Good Morning America performance on May 27.  Mother Monster will perform live—none of this pre-taped Britney business—in Central Park during Memorial Day weekend before embarking on her Born This Way summer tour.

Some of you might be confused that an artist currently on tour is already talking about kicking off another one. To clarify, it seems that the workaholic Gaga will wrap her Monster Ball Tour in April and wait at least a few weeks—so lazy!—before hitting the road again with her traveling Born This Way circus.

You can watch GMA’s announcement video here, which involves a weighty-voiced narrator listing off Gaga’s accomplishments, both great and small. (Over one billion YouTube views is truly impressive, but describing 31 million “likes” on Facebook as “passionate” seems an unnecessary inflation.) And will you be watching the real thing on May 27? Tell us in the comments section, below.

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