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'The Good Wife' writers pen good tweets, too; Who should play Eli's ex?

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The Good Wife
Jeffrey Neira/CBS

What’s the best live tweet session you’ve seen from a TV show? The Good Wife writers produced a solid one last night. Follow them here. They stated the obvious — “You guys really love your Cary and Kalinda, don’t you?” and “No one can rock a purple shirt quite like Eli Gold….” — but they also gave some nice teases in response to fan questions, including that America Ferrera will be back for one more episode this season, on April 12 (I love seeing what she does to Eli); that Alicia will find out about Peter and Kalinda’s infidelity at some point before the end of the season; that if we want to know if that revelation will renew Alicia’s desire for Will, we should “STAY TUNED!” (all caps combined with “Don’t feel bad for Alicia. She’s stronger than ever… ” means yes, right?); that Will’s girlfriend Tammy returns next week (I still don’t like her); and, of course, that Sarah Silverman will be guest-starring in the season’s penultimate episode. Per CBS, Silverman will play “the smart, funny owner of a sexually-explicit website, devoted to connecting married people who are looking to have affairs. She’s sued by a woman who is convinced that her husband was murdered as a result of using the website, and must turn to Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and the firm for help.”

In addition to breaking the Silverman news, the writers also shared some background info, like two of the show’s scribes are former lawyers, and several of them have worked on law shows before (“No writers from Ally McBeal, but one from Boston Legal#dennycrane“). They also dished on some personal hopes for the future: Two of their dream guest stars include Nathan Fillion and Jason Segel, and they’d love to introduce the former Mrs. Eli Gold. One of their dream picks: Sigourney Weaver. What do you think? She could definitely have the right amount of bite.

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