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Stephen Colbert may sing 'Friday' on 'Late Night'

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Star Trek Ride HiltonStephen Colbert crashed Jimmy Fallon’s show last night, to shame his BFFSM (Best Friend For Six Months) into prying open his wallet. You see, Colbert had announced on his own show that Fallon was matching a $26,000 donation to the charity, DonorsChoose.org. The slight snafu: Fallon had never actually made such a commitment, so here he was last night, backing out of a deal that he never made in the first place. “If you can’t donate $26,000 of your best friend’s money without asking him first, then what’s the point of being Best Friends,” Colbert charged. “I give, I give, and I give … your money … to other people. And I get nothing back.”

Colbert vanished as quickly as he’d arrived, allowing a contemplative Fallon to turn the tables. “If we can raise $26,000 by this Friday, I will promise that my BFF for Six Months, Stephen Colbert, will come on this show and sing Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ with The Roots,” said Fallon. “And that is a promise that I am making … from him … to you.”

Take a look.

Pass around the hat, FalPals (Fallonious Monks? Fallon’s FunBags? The 12:37 TimeSluts?) We’re only a quarter of the way to our financial goal, and the clock is ticking. I’ve heard Colbert sing lollipop songs like Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind.” Now it’s time for him to tackle “one of the most important songs of our time.” Won’t you do it for the children?

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