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'The Office' proposal: How does it measure up?

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The Office Carell Proposal

I know there’s a “That’s what he said” joke in that headline, and I’m pretty sure it was my subconscious that did that. I haven’t been able to get The Office off my brain since last night’s epic proposal. (Read the recap of the entire episode here.)

In case you weren’t there, Michael led Holly on a tour through the office, pointing out the places that were meaningful to them as a couple. “This is where Toby announced that he was going to Costa Rica. It was the happiest day of my life — until the day you came to replace him,” he told her in that sincere Michael way that never fails to tug at my heartstrings. He led her up the stairwell, to his office, through the office, finally ending at the door to the break room.

When he opened the door, the entire office staff was standing in a line, holding candles. Candles, people. There’s something about candles en masse that always chokes me up. Want to make me cry in happiness (proposals) or sadness (memorials)? Get a bunch of people to hold candles. “This is going to be good,” I thought. And it was.

They made their way down the path of candlelight, with Holly rejecting random proposals from the male employees  (and Angela) along the way. (I didn’t really get the point of that, but who cares. Candles, people.) And when they reached the end, Michael opened the door to reveal her entire office covered in … yup … candles. “This is where I fell in love with you, and this is where I ask you to marry me,” Michael said. Then the waterworks started.

No, seriously. The waterworks started — on my face, and all over the room as the sprinklers went off. Being Holly and Michael, they Yoda-voiced through the rest. She said yes (or, to get technical, “Your wife becoming me will I.”)

Now, I’m a sucker for proposals. I’ve can’t remember the last time one didn’t turn me into a sobby mess. But I have to say, that was perfection. It exceeded my expectations, and easily ranks in my top 5 TV proposals ever — right up there with Monica and Chandler; Niles and Daphne; Chuck and Sarah; and another one that I’m sure dazzled me but I can’t think of right now. (Sorry, Jim and Pam; you’ve been ousted.)

I have the warm and fuzzies, PopWatchers. Help me keep this feeling and tell me: Did this measure up to your expectations? And where does it rank on your list of favorite proposals?

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