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Ellen Page: On my iPod

The star of ‘Juno,’ ‘Inception,’ and the upcoming ‘Super’ takes us through her current playlist

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Dog Day, Know Who You Are
”One of my favorite new bands, and they happen to be from my hometown, Halifax. There is a nostalgic tinge to their music that I find completely absorbing. The melody and catchy tunes all have a lo-fi quality that creates a rare feeling of intimacy. Goodness, am I overthinking all this?”

Balam Acab, See Birds
”All they have available right now is an EP, and I am so excited for their full-length record. It is like nothing I have heard, and when I listen to their music, I feel it in my entire body. Transports my mind to another place and makes me dance like a freak. Magic. It’s magic.”

Salem, King Night
”Their record King Night is remarkable. Creepy but sort of staggeringly beautiful. Similar to Balam Acab in a hypnotic sense but also sort of claustrophobic in a good way. I can’t wait for more.”

Wild Flag, Glass Tambourine
”Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss [former Sleater-Kinney wonders] team up with Rebecca Cole and Mary Timony to create what I think is potentially one of the greatest rock & roll bands ever. Yes, I said it. Saw them play live in California and my brain exploded. Hence how inarticulate I am at describing my love for their music.”

Adam Hurst, First Light
”I saw this in a review: ‘If you aren’t listening to him, you are making a mistake.’ Can we just leave it at that? I think that describes it perfectly.”