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White Irish Drinkers

Two brothers from Brooklyn try to pull a heist at a Rolling Stones concert

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White Irish Drinkers | BROOKLYN, 1975 Nick Thurston & Geoffrey Wigdor in White Irish Drinkers
Alan Tannenbaum

STARRING Karen Allen, Anthony Amorim, and Zachary Booth

Celebrate a belated St. Patty’s Day with this gritty period flick — it’s set in 1975 — about two brothers from Brooklyn who commit petty crimes to get by. When the elder (Geoff Wigdor) enlists the younger (Nick Thurston) to help him pull off a giant heist at a Rolling Stones concert, Thurston must decide where his loyalties truly lie. The movie sounds more than a little like Ben Affleck’s The Town, which is fine by us, because The Town was great. Oh, and fun fact: Writer/director John Gray cut his teeth helming 14 episodes of Ghost Whisperer, that CBS show about Jennifer Love Hewitt seeing dead people.