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'Duke Nukem Forever' delayed yet again, but this time we actually feel offended

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Ron Paul TrumpIt has been 15 years since Duke Nukem 3D injected the first-person shooter genre with a sense of humor and ambient nudity. In that time, empires have fallen, technology has evolved from “charmingly analog” to “dystopically digital,” eight Harry Potter movies have been made, and an entire generation of young gamers has grown up screaming epithets at their friends while playing Call of Duty. And, for 15 years, the sequel to Duke Nukem has been perpetually delayed, weathering the loss of several creative teams, the closure of its developer, a lawsuit, and possibly a plague of locusts. Nukem fans have come to accept the delays with a Waiting for Godot-like cynical patience. But this is just ridiculous. In a new video, Randy Pitchford, president of Forever‘s current developer Gearbox Studios, jauntily proclaims that there is absolutely no way Duke Nukem Forever will be delayed from its current May 3 perch. And then it gets delayed. Points for trying to make a joke out of this, but the forced jollity just comes off as weirdly rude, as if the developers are saying, “Suck on that, gamers!” Sometimes, it really is better to just send out a press release. Check out the video after the jump…