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Sir Richard Branson's realm is 'Limitless'

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In Limitless (out now), Bradley Cooper pops some brain pills and uses his resulting financial acumen to become a reckless billionaire playboy. Jet-setting entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson — whose new company Virgin Produced co-produced the thriller — says any similarities to himself are coincidental. ”My ‘magic pill’ is probably my motto: ‘Screw it, let’s do it,”’ he tells EW. ”But some people choose to rely on things other than themselves, and that can lead to compromise, disaster — [but] in this case, a thrilling movie.” The chairman of Virgin Group juggles a record label, an airline, and a space-tourism company among other ventures, and only recently took on the job of movie mogul. ”It wasn’t a huge leap,” he says. ”But then again, we’re also building spaceships.” Next up for Virgin Produced: projects with directors Oliver Stone, McG, and Wayne Kramer.