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Watch the 'Batman: Arkham City' trailer here

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Batman: Arkham Asylum was a big critical and commercial success back in 2009. It played a little bit like a mash-up of Metal Gear Solid and God of War, with voiceover god Kevin Conroy reprising his role as the Dark Knight from giving the whole enterprise an extra layer of gravitas. The one ding on Arkham Asylum was that it felt incredibly hermetically sealed — yes, this was yet another videogame set in a murky subterranean dungeon, with lots of external piping and Blade Runner steam. Well, the upcoming sequel looks to correct that problem. In the just-released trailer for October’s Batman: Arkham City, the supervillains are running amok on the streets of Gotham. The promo plays up some nifty images of Batman zip-lining between skyscrapers, plus the addition of Batman favorites like Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and Catwoman. The soundtrack is unexpectedly funky — the song is “Short Change Hero,” by The Heavy — and the look of the game kind of recalls the late-’90s “No Man’s Land” story arc, when Gotham descended into anarchy. Check out the trailer after the jump…

PopWatchers, you stoked about this new Batman game?

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