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Et tu, Brute? Don't let a bunch of dead Romans give today a bad name

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Julius Caesar
Everett Collection

Friends, PopWatchers, countrymen: Lend me your ears. 2055 years ago, Julius Caesar was stabbed by a gang of guys dressed in togas, and ever since, March 15 has been tainted. “Beware the ides of March.” Sooo not fair. I mean, if we’re to fear every date that has witnessed some catastrophe in the past two millenniums, we’d never leave our homes. Beware the dayeth that endeth in Y-eth.

You may not know it, but March 15 is also the anniversary of some pretty super moments in human history. Maine became the 23rd state in the Union on March 15, 1820! Et tu, Vermont? On March 15, 1545, the Roman Catholic Church convened the first meeting of the Council of Trent! Take that, Martin Luther! And on March 15, 1956, My Fair Lady premiered on Broadway for the first time!

Maine + Original Sin + Julie Andrews = “Joy! It’s the Ides of March!”

So rejoice, citizens, there is really nothing to fear.*

* But that doesn’t mean turn your back on the crazy-eyed guy on the bus who’s wearing a toga.