March 14, 2011 at 04:01 AM EDT

On tonight’s episode of reality delight RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens will be supporting the troops during the main challenge by each filming a PSA. EW has obtained an exclusive video previewing the PSAs, which as you might guess are rather hilarious. “This is the only land,” screeches Alexis Mateo, “where you can grow up and become whatever you want to be!” Raja adds: “America: Where the son of immigrants can wear her freedom…proudly.” And the always-nutty Yara Sofia weighs in at one point with a twist on RuPaul’s classic episode-ending line: “If you don’t love America, how the hell you gonna love yourself?” Halle-lou!

And speaking of halle-lou, to explain what’s going on with this PSA video and challenge, we rung up front-running queen Shangela to give us the behind-the-scenes dish. Here’s what the mouthy queen had to say: “It was really awesome to shoot these PSAs because, surprisingly, a lot of us who are left in the competition have some type of relationship or connection to the military, the troops. My mom served in Desert Storm and also in Bosnia in the U.S. Army. So that made it special for us. I’m campaigning to get my own USO tour!”

Continues Shangie: “I think this was important because, as members of the gay community, we’re also a part of the U.S. military. There are tons of gay people who serve in the military who protect us everyday, and it’s important to stand up for those people as well and say, ‘Hey! Yeah, we’re drag queens, but we’re still here tying ribbons around trees in your favor and we respect you. We honor you and we definitely support you.’ We think it’s important for our military members and troops who may be gay or may not be gay but the supporters of gays to stand up and be exactly who they are and stand up for that.”

See the full video previewing the patriotic PSAs here:

Do you love? Is this enough realness for you? Lemme know below.

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