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March 14, 2011 at 07:40 PM EDT

It is a slow, slow news day, friends. So I’m going to discuss something that has been on my mind for approximately three weeks now, a vision from American Idol that I just can’t seem to shake. And no, I’m not talking about Ryan Seacrest’s Snooki-orange skin or Randy Jackson’s jewelry that was seemingly made at summer camp. I’m talking about Paul McDonald — an eccentric singer that, to me, looks eerily like Hugh Grant’s eccentric flatmate Spike (Rhys Ifans) in Notting Hill

Come on, go ahead and take a look at those gangly gams and tell me you can’t imagine him wearing snorkeling goggles and a “You’re the Most Beautiful Woman In the World” shirt to impress J.Lo while singing “Under The Sea” during the inevitable movie theme night. (P.S. Actually, I can’t and won’t imagine or respond to that, since I hope it never happens. But, strangely enough, Paul would actually do a fine job with Elvis Costello’s “She,” which is featured at the beginning of Notting Hill.) But, hold up, Kate!, you say. What about those magnificent chompers of Paul’s? They hardly match Spike’s not-so-dentist-ready teeth! Touché, I say. But I also have another celebrity doppelgänger reserved just for McDonald’s teeth: Ross Geller’s glow-in-the-dark smile from season 6 of Friends. They would look so brilliant eating his sandwich, fellow Idol fans.

So, am I crazy? Wait, don’t answer that. (And I know many of you are pointing to Bradley Cooper over Spike. But it’s all in the movement, folks. This guy’s got Spike swagger in his spirit, not Sack!)

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