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FunnyOrDie exec says Charlie Sheen video shoot was 'more like going to your neighbor's house than going to a circus'

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Less than 24 hours. That’s how long it took the FunnyOrDie crew to shoot, complete, and post its “Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes” video from the moment its 10-man crew rolled up at Charlie Sheen’s house on Wednesday morning. The comedy website’s president of production, Mike Farah, tells EW that his team was eager to work with Sheen on something original. “He’d done his own web stuff, but he hadn’t done any sort of scripted comedy piece since this whole thing began,” says Farah. “We wanted to be the first ones out of the gate.”

One of FunnyOrDie’s founders, Chris Henchy, had worked with Sheen on Spin City, so when they learned from mutual friends that he was interested in doing a video, they connected on the phone over the weekend to discuss ideas. The cooking show was the second idea. The first? “The first one kind of had more of a Hollywood bent to it, with a scene of him talking to his fictional agents and managers and publicists about what was going on, and he didn’t think like that was a great fit,” says Farah. “So then we pitched the cooking show, and he just heard that and said, ‘That’s it.’ I think he just loves cooking and he has those two amazing kitchens at his house.”

So what was it like to roll up on Casa Sheen on a Wednesday morning? Was it like going backstage after a Stones show? Were the previous night’s revelers still plastered on the front lawn? “It was definitely more like going to your neighbor’s house than going to a circus,” says Farah. “It was as normal as you could imagine it being. We got there, he greeted us. He offered us breakfast. We set up. We went through the script with him. It seemed like he was really into acting and working with the directors to make it as good as possible. He was a total pro.”

By about 2 p.m., the shoot was done, and after a late, late night of editing, the video posted early this morning. In the end, FunnyOrDie wasn’t as worried about being first as they were about being upstaged by Sheen himself. “That was something we did think about,” says Farah. “Because this character of his that has emerged does have some priceless lines. We just wanted to capture that and put it in the silly framework of the cooking show.”

Already, the video has been seen nearly 800,000 times online, and the door is open for a sequel. Farah said he expects to talk with Sheen about more ideas after the actor returns from Haiti next week. “Obviously, timely and topical stuff does so well online, because that’s what people are talking about,” says Farah. “For better or worse, this [story] will be around for awhile.”

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