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'Castle': Was last night the best Castle/Beckett moment yet? (Yes, better than the kiss!)

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Leo and Kate are no longer the king and queen of the frozen declaration of love. Now, if you’re getting technical, Beckett and Castle didn’t talk about how much they love each other last night (and, yes, they do) when they were stuck in a freezer storage unit where they were trapped at the end of last episode by some men who were trying to set off a dirty bomb in New York City. But as they sat there with icicles on their eyelashes, shivering in each other’s arms after having exhausted all means of escape (gun=futile) … be still my ‘shippy heart. Read for yourself.

BECKETT: Castle? You there?

CASTLE: Yeah. Oh, yeah. I’m — I’m right here.

BECKETT: I can’t feel anything. [Pause] I always thought being a cop I’d take a bullet. I never thought I’d freeze to death.

CASTLE: Hey, we’re not dead yet.

BECKETT: I just wish this was one of your books and you could rewrite the ending

CASTLE: [Pause] I’m sorry.

BECKETT: For what?

CASTLE:  For being me, going rogue, getting you into this. If we hadn’t gone rogue…

BECKETT: Shhhh. You were right. We found the bomb. We were just too late. [She leans into him.] Castle, thank you for being there.

CASTLE: Always.

BECKETT: I just want you to know how much I lo–[She passes out.]

CASTLE: Hey, Kate. Stay with me. Kate. Stay with me…

Now, readers, I have a soft spot for everything Castle/Beckett, and I was a big fan of the kiss. But am I alone in thinking this tops them all? Yes, part of me is aware this could be my unwavering love for anything that remotely reminds me of Titanic speaking. That said, I think it’s the acting and the lack of background music until the very end made this scene perfection.

Where does this moment rank among your faves, Castle fans? Clip below if you haven’t seen it. (But watch the whole episode if you’re so inclined. It’s a great one!)