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Chris Medina's 'What Are Words' music video: Grab the Kleenex!

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If you found yourself sobbing in the fetal position watching Chris Medina’s story play out on American Idol this season, just wait until you see his just-released music video for “What Are Words.” The video — a tribute to his fiancée Juliana Ramos, who suffered brain injuries in a car accident just two months before their wedding — is primarily made up of old and new footage of Juliana, shots of Chris crying, and footage of Chris crying looking at old pictures of his fiancée. (Some of the shots indeed appear to be from Medina’s audition package on Idol, which would make sense, since the record and music video are from 19 Recordings, part of Idol production company 19 Entertainment.) Whatever you may think about the choices he made for the video, there’s no denying the genuine emotion in Chris’ lyrics: “Every single promise, I’ll keep / Because what kind of guy would I be / if I was to leave when you need me most?” Watch the video embedded after the jump. Warning: Prepare to break down, Jennifer Lopez-style.

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