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'30 Rock' First Look: Susan Sarandon wears glasses, ignores a stripper

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Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCSadly for all fans of Dr. Drew Baird, we’ll have to tag this post “Not Jon Hamm,” but 30 Rock is welcoming a different bangin’ A-list guest star this season: Susan Sarandon, also known as every Motherlover‘s favorite object of affection. The Oscar-winning actress appears on the March 17 episode, and EW has the first look. Here, she chats up Frank (Judah Friedlander) — who you know will whip out his “Single” trucker hat for the occasion. Click the jump to see an additional photo of Sarandon seemingly channeling Liz Lemon as she remains extremely focused on her coffee, Hiro Nakamura-style (why, hello, 2006!), ignoring a talented stripper behind her. Please tell me this is the 30 RockRock of Love crossover I’ve been waiting for.

Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC

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