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James Franco covers a Cher song from 'Burlesque'

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Image Credit: Roger Kisby/Getty ImageEverything James Franco does is either densely symbolic or fabulously meaningless, and his latest shenanigan is no different: The mega-hyphenate star tweeted an extended audio tidbit of himself singing Cher’s big song from Burlesque, “You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me.” According to Franco’s tweet, “they pulled this from the oscar show,” which could be true… or it could also just be a teasing reference to the ongoing “Will/Should Franco Sing at the Oscars?” debate. Is Franco’s song serious, funny, or seriously funny? Decide for yourself by listening to the song after the jump… [Update: Oh, if only you could turn back time… Looks like it’s been taken down, folks. But just let yourself imagine it, readers. It’s exactly what you’d expect, except more, except less.]

You have to give Franco some credit. Whenever he gets to the chorus, he really goes for it — giggles and all. I’m not sure I’d ever buy a CD of Franco songs, but he must be a ton of fun in a karaoke bar. (And can we all agree that if there is any famous Oscar nominee who has probably considered opening up their own karaoke bar, it’s probably Franco?)

PopWatchers, on the strength of this clip, should Franco perform any songs during the Oscar telecast? Or should he stick to what he does best: Everything besides singing?

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