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How many times did O'Reilly interrupt Obama? THIS many times...with help from the Smurfs!

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Some saw Bill O’Reilly’s pre-Super Bowl conversation with President Barack Obama as less of an interview than an interruption-fest. The Fox News Channel host interjected such essential comments as “Those are tough boys, the Muslim Brotherhood” and (speaking about a chunk of the American people) “They hate you,” for a total of…

The count was done by the website Wonkette. Also helpful in clarifying the tone of the interview was a Jimmy Kimmel “Kimmel Kartoon” from last night, in which the “conversation” was set to a Smurfs cartoon:

I’m waiting for the moment on The O’Reilly Factor when O’Reilly starts bypassing the president and just starts attacking Kimmel…

We’ve arrived at the golden age of a new usage: critique by edited Internet video. What do you think?

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