February 02, 2011 at 04:36 PM EST

Image Credit: Jack Rowand/ABCThe very first scene of last night’s episode of V teased us with the possible death of Tyler. (This continues a trend that began with the season premiere, when Tyler’s face melted and there was much rejoicing, but alas, it was only a dream.) Three Peace Ambassadors had been murdered and hung upside-down, with their faces covered. Erica naturally flipped out, because Tyler’s a Peace Ambassador. She uncovered the first dead guy’s face. Not Tyler. Dead guy #2: Also not Tyler. Could it be Dead Guy #3? (Oh, pleasepleaseplease.) Nope, he wasn’t Tyler either. And so, the boy with Emo-Spider-Man hair lived to torment another day.

The re-re-rebooted V has been doing a lot right this season, but am I the only one who thinks that Tyler’s plotline just isn’t working? He’s becoming the show’s Wesley Crusher: bizarrely important but rarely interesting. The show has been building up his descent into darkness — we saw him demolish Father Jack’s office last night — but because Tyler is so clearly misguided, his descent doesn’t feel very compelling. (Actually, it makes Tyler seem strikingly similar to the prequel version of Anakin Skywalker.)

Of course, the main problem with Tyler is that he’s a perpetual distraction from more interesting storylines. Last night’s episode introduced the essential Oded Fehr as a Fifth Column mastermind, and it should be intriguing to see how his militaristic sensibility plays with our beloved rebel crew. We also saw Anna head out to Vatican City to do some dirty deals with the Catholic Church. (It was kind of like Godfather 3, except less boring.) This led to my personal favorite quote of the millennium: Hobbes noted that Anna’s pact with the Vatican would lead to “a billion Catholics supporting the lizards.” For some reason, when he said that, I had a sudden vision of every Catholic in the world worshipping a giant Tyrannosaur.

Viewers, did you enjoy last night’s trip through Church doctrine? Any Tyler apologists want to make a case for the kid’s survival? And what was your personal pick for Grossest Visitor Moment of the night? I’m torn between Jane Badler’s lizard mouth and Malik’s human face-mask.

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