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MTV fans, brace yourselves. In an undeniably great cross-promotional move from the MTV family, the network has solicited the coiffed kids from Jersey Shore to promote Justin Bieber’s upcoming biographical 3-D flick, Never Say Never. Over the past week, promo spots for the MTV Films-produced movie featuring Shore staples Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and DJ Pauly D have aired during their primetime lineup.

The commercials themselves, dare I say, are pretty entertaining. Clad in glasses, a scholarly scarf, a saucy open-chested dress shirt, and a characteristically slick ‘do, Uncle Sitch is rockin’ the professor look. So much so, that after the first 30 seconds, I imagine a bronzed, big-busted “student” might come in and teach him a lesson. Oddly, in enters Justin Bieber. Disappointed? Kind of.

Pauly D, on the other hand, looks like he’s starring in one of MTV’s anti-drug ads… while also channeling the Hulk.

But give them credit: Uncle Sitch and Pauly D are full-on committed. I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to potential spots from the Snookster and J-Woww.

What do you think? Did your head explode (like mine did) when you saw the Shore/Biebs collaboration? Are you craving more? Hoping for a single, maybe “Never Say Never… Except to a Grenade”?

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