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Darkness falls across the land… Glee‘s post-Superbowl episode is close at hand. And according to the promos Fox aired last night, that episode will be nothing short of a spectacular spectacular.

We’re especially excited to see more of the Cheerios dancing around with purple wigs and blazing batons (and flaming boobs as well?), to learn why, exactly, there appears to be some kind of cannon on the McKinley High football field, to hear the rest of New Directions’ “Thriller”/”Heads Will Roll” mashup, and to find out what prompts Sue Sylvester to bark the word “vomit” as only Sue could.

The promos are below; they’re from YouTube, though, so the quality is less than perfect. If you find yourself wanting more — and we know you will — check out our gallery of preview pictures and Tim Stack’s exclusive report from the set of the episode. And if that’s still not enough, EW’s Glee Central is the perfect cure for what ails you.

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