December 23, 2010 at 05:20 PM EST

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…dedicated to Chuck!

I had planned to build the suspense with the poll results. I wanted to blend photos so that it would look as though characters from the top two shows in the poll were in a gun battle for first place. (Fact: I would have used this photo of Booth and this photo of Chuck.) But what’s the point? Chuck fans pretty much took the Spoiler Room poll I put up last week and made it their bitch.

So CONGRATULATIONS Chuck fans. You win. Very soon, there will be a special edition of Spoiler Room dedicated solely to Chuck, and you have yourselves to thank. (You can thank me, too.)

So get your questions in now. Comment, tweet them to me (@EWSandraG) or email

As mentioned before, Bones, indeed, came in second, and Castle, NCIS, and Gossip Girl rounded out the top 5.

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