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Can Drew Carey's new improv show please pave the way for an American 'Mock the Week'?

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Image Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage.comDrew Carey has signed a deal with GSN for a new improv-based TV show, which the network described as “a lively, unpredictable, and hilarious half-hour of improvised sketch comedy.” I’m assuming that means long-form improv (scenes) rather than short-form (games), like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but I’m mostly excited that this ups the chance of another improv-based show in the U.S. We need an American version of Mock the Week, and we need it right now.

MtW, which airs on BBC Two, is like a hybrid of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Daily Show: It focuses on news and politics, but rather than using a newscast format, it features six comedians and a series of games, most of which have the panel generating one-liners.

Why can’t America do this? I think we can! Don’t you, PopWatchers?