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Teri Hatcher visits 'Smallville': Who is the best Lois Lane?

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Image Credit: Danny Feld/ABC; Jack Rowand/The CWTonight, Teri Hatcher guest stars as Lois Lane’s mother on Smallville. Hatcher, of course, played Lois herself in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Hatcher isn’t the first former Lois to swing by Smallville: Margot Kidder appeared on the show back in 2004. Add in Erica Durance, who’s been playing the dynamo lady reporter on the show for six years, and Smallville has officially featured only the finest Lois Lanes of the last three decades. But who is your favorite?

Personally, I’m a total Kidder loyalist. The character is typically played as a tireless workaholic, but Kidder added an element of gleeful obsessiveness. That’s especially true in Superman 2, where Kidder has one of the single funniest scenes in any superhero movie. (She chainsmokes through an extended explanation about the medical benefits of orange juice.) I also have a soft spot for Dana Delany, who voiced Lois in various animated series. Much as I love Superman Returns, though, I’ve mostly blocked out the Kate Bosworth scenes from my mind. Let’s just be kind and say she was too young for the role. Although I’d love to hear an argument from Bosworth fans. (Anyone?) Vote in the poll below to decide who is the fairest/coolest Lois of them all!

I’m hoping Rachel McAdams plays Lois Lane in the new Superman. Tell me I’m wrong on Twitter @EWDarrenFranich

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