Tim Stack
November 10, 2010 AT 08:45 PM EST

Last night’s episode of Glee was undoubtedly one of the series’ most emotional hours to date with Kurt standing up to his homophobic bully, football player Karofsky. Many viewers, including my colleague Mandi Bierly, seemed upset that none of Kurt’s classmates or McKinley High staffers came to his aid. Well, Gleeks, that will soon change: a Glee source tells EW exclusively that, in the episode airing on Nov. 23, one of the New Directions kids will come to the defense of Kurt–and will get beat up in the process. Adds the source, “Mr. Schu gets involved when he sees something done to Kurt and realizes he must take action. The episode is really about the repercussions for others…how people react to bullying when they are not the ones getting bullied.” Hopefully, this info will allow all you Gleeks to sleep a little better tonight.

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