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Feedback: The Power List

Readers respond to Eminem, Milla Jovovich, and Noomi Rapace

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Star Power
On your 2010 Power List, you did leave out one of Eminem’s achievements. Beyond his Grammy wins, album sales, and digital-download numbers, he’s also an Oscar winner for his 8 Mile song. Not a bad résumé.
Adam Keithley
Lee’s Summit, Mo.

But of course the most influential person in Hollywood is Johnny Depp. He’s 100 percent all-natural grade-A perfection. You chose wisely.
Lisa Campbell
North Bay, Ontario

You have Angelina Jolie at No. 12 on your list. Cool, she’s great. But I disagree with the statement that ”she’s the only female action star, period.” I think Milla Jovovich would beg to differ. Four Resident Evil movies, The Fifth Element, and Ultraviolet prove that she is the female action star. Period.
Tony Malone
San Antonio

Making Her Mark
I appreciated getting to know the original Lisbeth Salander, Noomi Rapace, and anticipate the day she moves forward a few pages to join your Power List!
Rick Jerome

A Matter of Choice
While I thought your piece on abortion on TV was great, I was a little disappointed you didn’t mention a very moving episode of 21 Jump Street, ”Whose Choice Is It, Anyway?” Judy Hoffs (Holly Robinson Peete) goes undercover at a school with a clinic that discusses pregnancy and birth control with teens. In the end, she reveals she had an abortion as a teen. It was a radical episode for its time.
Liz Olenski
Abington, Pa.

A Band on the Rise
After a rollicking and soulful opening set by Brian Bonz & the Major Crimes, Miniature Tigers took the stage Oct. 21 in NYC for EW’s Music Lounge. Frontman Charlie Brand — whose acoustic guitar was festooned with the logo of Lost‘s Dharma Initiative — led the shaggy quartet through an hour of joyful indie-pop jams, mostly from their sophomore LP, Fortress. The performance was just one stop in a whirlwind year of touring. ”A lot of doors have opened up for us,” says Brand. Expect the very busy band to hit the studio next year. We’ll be waiting…