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'30 Rock' and 'The Office' reference 'The Sting': Was the fix in?

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Image Credit: Everett Collection; Ali Goldstein/NBCDid you find yourself humming a few bars of Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” this morning? Then I assume who watched NBC’s block of 30 Rock and The Office last night. Both show’s featured subplots right out of the movie The Sting — or as Michael Scott called it, The Stinger. On 30 Rock, a suddenly savvy Kenneth teamed up with Jenna and guest Kelsey Grammer to swindle Carvel out of its ice-cream fortune. It was a classic Arizona double-back. Or something. Check it out:

Can’t argue with the results: $800 split three ways. The Best Friends’ Gang strikes again!

Then on The Office episode, titled “The Sting,” Dwight set up a fake company so that Dunder Mifflin could trick a hunky rival (Timothy “I am not Josh Duhamel” Olyphant) into leaking his sales secrets. Even with the help of Meredith “Van Helsing,” sadly, their stinger operation crumbled.

According to NBC, the references to the classic 1973 movie with Paul Newman and Robert Redford in both shows was just a coincidence. That’s what they want you to believe anyway. Cue “The Entertainer”…