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'Harry Potter': New TV spots are dark (unless pale Radcliffe is in a bra)

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Wolfmother_lNew TV spots for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I continue to make some fans want to pee themselves out of fear and/or anticipation. A few things are becoming clear (besides how good the special effects are looking): For starters, the filmmakers will rely on the multiple-Harrys Polyjuice Potion scene to lighten the mood. “Look away. I’m hideous,” says Hermione-Harry when her body takes the shape of his (pictured). They want you to know that romance is still a part of the story, even if it won’t be as prominent as it was in The Half-Blood Prince (Harry and Ginny’s kiss is interrupted by a Weasley twin, Ron doesn’t want Harry to tell Hermione that he said they wouldn’t make it two days without her). Lastly, Ralph Fiennes will be giving some children nightmares. Watch the eight spots below. 

The almost light-ish ones:

The dark ones:

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