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Why is Dexter the only good character on 'Dexter'?

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Image Credit: Dan Littlejohn/ShowtimeI could listen to Michael C. Hall’s haunting, dark voice-overs from Dexter all day. I love Dexter’s internal conflict between acting normal and trying actually to be normal. I like when Dexter talks to Harry. But the moments on the show that are about anyone else just leave me sort of bored. Why must everyone who’s not Dexter be so lame?

Deb has her moments, but her plots revolve way too heavily on her romantic life. ITK, Lundy, musician guy, Quinn — who cares? Nothing about Deb changes, so it doesn’t much matter who she’s paired with: She’s too tough to let anyone in, etc, etc. Laguerta and Batista have run out of relevance, and Masuka’s only stories seem to revolve around him just making crude jokes. I like a crude joke, but I like a legitimate subplot even more. Doakes, Rita, Miguel Prado…eh? Even the Trinity Killer was a distant second to Dexter.

Obviously part of this is by design: He’s the star of the show, and he’s a gosh darn serial killer, so inherently he’s more interesting than pretty much anyone else. But shows like The Shield or The Sopranos also featured a central male antihero, and those series managed to situate their protagonists among other substantive characters with meaningful stories all their own.

Slice it open, PopWatchers: Why is Dexter mas macho?