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Steve from 'Blue's Clues' tells the fantastic story of his horrible date with a Playmate

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Image Credit: NickelodeonI’ve been obsessed with The Moth podcast for a while now, and, in the last few months, have forced my friends to listen various episodes because I’m convinced if I can get everyone hooked on the storytelling series, the world will be a marginally better place. (It can’t hurt, right?) I thought nothing could top Tony Hendra’s story about satire and spirituality, but then I heard last week’s episode. Steve Burns, better known as Steve from Blues Clues, told a story about being “fame-ish,” and it’s fantastic. Listen to it here, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.

All Moth stories are true, and told live without notes, so they have this combination of authenticity, earnestness, and a jittery stage fright, even from seasoned performers. Burns’ story is about a horrible date he went on with a Playboy model — whom he met when she sent him her photo. The best part of the awful night, though, came when they passed a kid’s Blue’s Clues birthday party, and Burns threw on his trademark striped rugby shirt and surprised everyone. How great is that?

Burns’ story explores the weird ways we play characters, the ideas we have about who we are and who we were supposed to be, and, you know, maaaaaiiiil tiiiime. Although after listening to it, I’m not sure I can ever really think of that song the same way again.

Do you love The Moth as much as I do, PopWatchers? And have you missed Steve?