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'Dancing With the Stars': Week 4 is liiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

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Image Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABCWelcome back, DANCMSTRs! It’s week 4, and the ballroom has been transformed for the series’ first-ever Acoustic Week! The contestants have traipsed through the audience instead of down the technicolor stairs, Corky Ballas has adopted Nicole Scherzinger’s “hang loose” hand gesture to show he is ready to go, and Bristol Palin forgot to put on pants! It’s going to be a Week 4 like never before!

Anyway, I need to go focus on the show. Come back in the morning for my full recap. [UPDATE: Click here, as my full recap is liiive!] Discuss the week 4 performances of Dancing With the Stars here and nominate your Hidden Gems of the Week in the comments. And don’t miss Derek’s weekly EW.com check-in!

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