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Stephen Colbert talks with David Letterman about Congress (and people going apes***)

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Emmett Scanlan SpectorNearly two weeks after many members of Congress and the media gave Stephen Colbert a giant wag of the finger for testifying during a congressional hearing about immigration, the Colbert Report host appeared on the Late Show last night to chat with David Letterman about the ordeal. Even more refreshing than seeing a sense of humor on Capitol Hill in late September was watching Colbert talk to the late-night host out of character. (Something that’s rarer than a Stephen Jr. sighting!) “When Congress asks you to testify, how do you say no?” said Colbert, who was invited to testify by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren after he spent 10 hours on a farm in Upstate New York, working with the United Farm Workers of America and the Take Our Jobs campaign. He also addressed the media hullabaloo surrounding his testimony: “I said … ‘I’m happy to bring attention to this issue if you think that would help in some way, but I’m going to do it the way I do it because there’s no other reason for me to go.’ And [Lofgren] goes, ‘That’s great, that’s what I want.’ And I said, ‘Now you don’t think there’s any chance that people are going to go, I don’t know, apes—?'” (See video embedded below.)

Who else still thinks Colbert deserves a tip of the hat for his testimony?

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