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'Jersey Shore: The RPG': So good, Ronnie would smush it

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ROBIN WILLIAMS OPRAHHey, PopWatch clowns, haven’t had enough Jersey Shore between the weekly episodes, daily reruns, and countless articles about the Garden State royalty? (Sorry, Chris Christie; the laws of GTL reign supreme in PW HQ.) Well, prepare for tonight’s new episode by checking out College Humor’s totally poppin’ role-playing game, Jersey Shore: The RPG. In the video, The Situation, Pauly D, Vinny, and Ronnie — reduced to little more than a steroid-enhanced Tarzan negotiating the petrifying jungles of Seaside (works two ways!) — fight a pack of disrespecting clowns during their search for non-grenade hot tub companionship. Spoiler alert: Vinny doesn’t it make it through to the end, either because of post-traumatic stress related to Pauly D’s DJ-ing, or because the watermelon simply weighed him down too much.

I’m loving this video as much as The Situation loves zoo-keeping, but anyone else think the “duck phone” and “spell” options were totally underutilized?