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Jane Lynch 'SNL' promos: Six feet of fun

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Jane Lynch is hosting Saturday Night Live! Jane Lynch is hosting Saturday Night Live!! Jane Lynch is hosting Saturday Night Live!!!

If that sounds a bit like Paul Revere, well, Sue Sylvester is a red coat, of sorts. Only meaner.

Check out the new promos:

She’s now an immortal on Glee, but can you remember the first big movie you ever saw Lynch in? No IMDb’ing! The 40-Year-Old Virgin? Puh-lease. Best in Show? Nice try. How about …  The Fugitive? Well played. She played one of Richard Kimble’s doctor friends. Give yourself a hand, and by that I mean applause and not one of Lynch’s trippy oversized meathooks.

Are you excited for Lynch’s SNL gig, and are you concerned that too much Gleekdom — if that’s possible — could saturate the show?

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