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Watch 'Running Wilde' or Mitch Hurwitz kills the 'Arrested Development' movie

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Image Credit: Ed Araquel/FOXIn an interview with the New York Times, Mitchell Hurwitz discussed the tricky task of building viewer support for his new series Running Wilde. Despite starring starring TV beloveds Will Arnett and Keri Russell, the Fox series failed to stoke any real critical love. In a wily hail mary, the man who created cult triumph Arrested Development said that perhaps he could parlay some of that enduring good will for his new series. Dangling the long-promised movie carrot in front of Arrested‘s diehard fans, Hurwitz joked “It’s like, Buy this magazine or we kill this dog. Watch this show or you don’t get an Arrested movie,” he told the reporter. “I really want to make this movie, I swear. Or, alternatively, don’t watch the show, and everyone send me a nickel. Those are the two choices.”

Tell me PopWatchers. I love Keri Russell. I love Will Arnett. I love Arrested Development. So why have I never bothered to catch an episode of Running Wilde? Am I missing out? If the answer is a regrettable no, then what pop culture bullets would you take if it meant upping the chances of ever seeing Arrested Development on the big screen? I suppose I would watch my first episode of Jersey Shore (though I would get so enormously drunk beforehand that I wouldn’t be able to remember the next morning if it was Snooki or Sophia Loren who punched the Situation in the face). Or I’d watch the fourth hour of the Today show for a week straight. Watch the scene of Oprah’s Australian vacation giveaway on high decibel repeat? And I’d do it all for you Lucille Bluth.

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