October 04, 2010 at 05:54 PM EDT

While The Social Network was becoming the biggest movie of the weekend, Mark Zuckerberg was piggy-backing on Sir Richard Branson’s shoulders and engaging in a playful chicken-fight against Bill Gates and Nelson Mandela Muntz. The Facebook founder, who’s portrayed as a cold and calculating outsider in director David Fincher’s new film, was much friendlier in his cameo on Sunday night’s The Simpsons. Take a look:

Did you note that Zuckerberg is pals with Hank Scorpio?

The billionaire’s second scene must have made the Winklevoss twins laugh with glee. Mark Zuckerberg is in intense pain!

I’m starting to think that Zuckerberg has a sense of humor after all. What did you think? And remember, he’ll be reading your comments.

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